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General Jabbering / News / Can I complain?
« Last post by MoeMoe on Today at 01:18:20 PM »
The other day I was looking at Adventure Hunt wedgies and saw this one account commenting things like. "You have to get her back now" or "No that's not good enough, get it over your head."

I decided to confront him... and well this happened.

I have decided to just copy and paste the convo, as I am on a phone.

Me: Hey, I see you keep commenting on adventure hunt wedgies.
Try not to do that okay? People keep taking them down.
Him: Thanks but no thanks
Me: Hey, I'd rather the videos stay up instead of them being removed is all
Him  :D
Me: It just ruins it for everyone else
Him: lol, tell you what, give yourself an atomic wedgie and I'll never comment on someone's post ever again

It just pisses me off.
You may have better luck just writing hanes in cursive on her panties yourself
Nonhuman / Chatoru's Alchemy Trials (2015) EXTRA EPISODE 02
« Last post by ChaosReacon on June 26, 2017, 09:22:29 PM »
Chatoru’s Alchemy Trials (2015)
EXTRA Episode 02: The Strange Life of the Musicians Workplace
Special Thanks to: ChuMeiyoGi (the creator of Emily and Tori. As well as being a great RP partner)

     “Alright, testing, testing,” as Chaos spoke into the microphone while guitars reverbed around the room. “Are we good to go for tomorrow guys?” A man standing back behind the soundboard gives Chaos a thumbs up before going back to writing notes.

     “Alright, guys!” Chaos shouted before walking away from his mic and taking off his guitar, Let’s tear down and get our stuff situated!!”

     Cheers erupted as each member and roadies began moving the instruments and amps off stage. Chatoru took her tablet off the DJ equipment she began calling her own before two guys with God’s Divine Staff shirts brought the power cables to Chatoru’s small table as they simply lifted the equipment off with ease. “Thank you very much, guys,” Chatoru politely said before bowing to them like a preppy schoolgirl.

     “No problem,” one of them answered. “Just keep rocking like you guys have been for years,” as they carefully walked to the edge of the stage with more crew members in wait for their assistance. With a smile on her face, Chatoru skipped to the back of the stage as she was heading to the stadium doors. But as she made a few steps beyond the curtains her panties drew snug into her bottom as she also felt her skirt lifting higher with her panties before a cute yip escaped her mouth.

     “Guess who~?” as the feminine voice teased its whisper into Chatoru’s ear.

     Chatoru began to giggle as she replied, “The more expressive persona of you. Besides, you’re the only one that loves to give me wedgies on a regular basis, Joushi.”

     “Well, I couldn’t help myself as your panties just seem to be knotted up recently, my love.” Chatoru gave a muffled gasp as she felt another hand reach to the front of her skirt before grabbing hold of her panties underneath as it softly pulled the two materials upwards to match the activity in the back.

     Chatoru couldn’t hold back a chuckle as she looked around to make sure no one was looking, “Shut up. you love them like this anyways.”

     “Guilty as charged,” Joushi laughed.

     “Maybe I should return the favor,” Chatoru teased reaching in front of Joushi’s white pleated dress, readying herself to do the same to the dark-haired drummer.

     “Aw,” Joushi giggled as she felt Chatoru’s hand against her cooch, “you know I always want you to have control over my panties, Chat-chan, but I’ve got an interview I’m needing to get to right away. Think you can give me a good one from this position?”

     “I can give you a better one if can hold onto my tablet for me,” Chatoru teased.

     “Deal,” Joushi smirked as she took possession of the blonde’s tablet, “Give it to me good,” she giggled. And with a twirl, Chatoru reached low as she grabbed hold of Joushi’s undies through her dress. She planted her lips against Joushi’s as she brought her hands up to just under the drummers A-cup boobs. “Mmhh!!” Joushi moaned as her panties dug deep into her sex before wrapping her arms around Chatoru and kissing her back passionately.

     The two of them danced for several moments longer, concealing their activities as roadies began appearing around them as they got back to work. Joushi’s hands began to twitch as she wished to continue wedgying her lover’s panties between her cute buns, but wishing to keep Chatoru’s panties from being exposed was more of a priority to keep their private life to themselves.

     They broke apart their dance as Joushi handed Chatoru back her tablet as she said in a rush, “Thank you! Now I need to get to that interview before I’m late!” Joushi began running off as she shouted back, “Want to go for a walk after the interview?”

     Chatoru nodded her head as her hand pushed her hair back, “Sure, sounds like a date.”

     “See you!” as Joushi blew her a kiss before darting into the hallway.

     A half hour goes by as Chatoru waited by the stadium’s back doors before she felt her phone vibrate in her skirt pocket. She pulled the cellular device out before giving a sadden sigh as she read the text.

Hey, I’m sorry I’ve kept you waiting, but I was asked if I wanted to go over to the interviewer’s place to hang out. My powers are feeling a little low today from our recent activities. Mind if we saved that walk until after I get back? …Hopefully it won’t take me too long, or at least hopefully my powers will be back for me to enjoy both companies sooner. Ok? <3 ox

     Chatoru chuckled happily as she replied.

OK, just don’t be too late. I just miss you already. Have fun~

     Not long after the text was sent that Joushi sent a photo of herself blowing her a kiss with the text below it saying, “I already miss you too~ Maybe Satsune wants to do something in the meantime?” Chatoru exited back as she walked over to a convenience store to grab a snack as she thought about Joushi’s suggestion.

     She left the store as she was about to head back to the venue to see what Satsune was up to before a giant gust of wind blew her skirt revealing the ruffled white bikini panties underneath, exposing the material as it still sat wedgied up between her bottom regions. Chatoru rushed her back side against the wall as she couldn’t believe what had happened. She looked about as lucky it seemed that no one had noticed.

     She gave a sigh of relief as walked back to the back entrance of the stadium before stopping in her tracks as she noticed a rough looking middle-aged man standing by the door. She began to walk away as she noticed the man looking at her before moving towards her. No, not like this. Not again, she thought as Chatoru looked around for the any other doors Chatoru could get access to. To her luck she found another side door as she reached for the knob.

     Her heart sank as she jiggled the handle finding out the door was locked. Chatoru’s mind kept racing as she looked over to see the man was almost breaking into a run. With no other ideas coming to mind she began running back into the busy New York streets. Dodging between the hundreds of pedestrians minding their own business, but she still couldn’t lose him. Good God!! No!!

     She kept running and running until she passed a sign saying, “Central Park” as she ran into the open field. She looked around for possible places to hide before turning back around seeing the creepy bloke still a few blocks back as she thought to herself, Thank God, I’m in the line of business that I’m in.

     But all that came to a halt as Chatoru collided with another person as they both rolled around in the grass. “Ah, itai yo…” Chatoru muttered as she rubbed her head before stumbling to get back up.

     “I’m sorry!!”

     Chatoru, still being disoriented, lifted her hands up as she said, “Gomenda… I mean, I’m sorry!! Are you alright!?” Chatoru’s vision finally cleared as she saw a tall, slender woman with long red hair wearing a red hoodie with a white blouse revealing themselves overtop of some black sweat pants.

     The pale white woman laughed as she replied, “Yes, I’m alright. Forgive me, I wasn’t paying attention.” Chatoru was stunned as it was completely her fault as she didn’t view her surroundings properly, but was still receiving an apology regardless. “Was that Japanese?” the woman asked.

     “Yes, I’m Japanese,” Chatoru spoke spastically as she looked around to see if the man was in the area. “Where are…?” she muttered to herself as the woman stood up and started looking around.

     “Do you need help finding something?” she asked. “I come to the parks a lot.”

     “Huh?” as Chatoru focused on the woman. “Oh, I just need a place to hide for the time being.”

     “Then come with me,” the woman said as she started jogging further into the park.

     “What? You’ll—” as Chatoru stopped herself before running with the woman as her long blonde hair sailed in the wind. It was a matter of minutes of jogging before the red-haired woman stopped in a crop of trees as she looked around before turning to Chatoru and nodding.

     “You’re ok here. Not the perfect hiding spot, but it’ll help if someone was following you.” The woman began to space out as she fixed her eyes on a blank spot in the trees before she started humming a clear tune.

     Chatoru rested her back against the trees as her body slid down to the ground as she was gasping for air. “Than…k you… You’re a lifesaver.”

     The woman looked back to Chatoru with a smile before nodding. “No problem,” she said, but strangely she spoke with her voice matching the notes to the tune she was humming.

     “That’s pretty catchy,” Chatoru said between breaths. “What song is that?”

     “Oh,” as the woman paused for a moment, “It’s just something I threw together. The park is just a great inspiration for music.”

     Chatoru’s breathing was brought back to normal as she hugged her knees before she asked, “Are you a song writer?”

     The woman laughed softly as she shook her head, “Not really. I don’t know how to read music, or play any instruments. I have been thinking about picking a few up though. My friends always insist I should,” she sighed.

     “There’s a lot of musicians who don’t know how to read music,” Chatoru answered. “I’m technically one of them as I just did a crash course before joining the group I’m with today. Just pick an instrument and see how it goes.”

     The woman smiled back, but shrugged, “I have music class at my school, but my teacher always insists that I sing. I’m not a big fan of singing, but I can repeat notes.”

     “Oh,” Chatoru responded, “But you sound great though.”

     “Thank you,” she said before pausing again. “So, you’re a musician?”

     “Yes,” Chatoru answered. “I’ve been a DJ, or VJ as it’s sometimes know in my country, for a couple of years now. Mmmmm, with a little bit of singing as well, but I usually stick to background singing mostly.”

     The woman scooted close as she smiled, “Would you sing me something? I’ll sing for you if you do.”

     “I guess,” Chatoru chuckled. “I don’t know if I sound that great just on my own, but here we go.” She took a deep breath as she began to sing, “I don’t need your sympathy, ride the wave of entropy~ Take my hand~ Climb with me~ Tidal wave of entropy~” The woman closed her eyes as she swayed to the melody before Chatoru started to blush. “Um… Do, do dit do, do dit do, didid do, didid do~”

     The woman smiled as she said, “Very calm music. Great for a day in the park.”

     “Um…” as Chatoru blushed cherry red. “Otherwise I just repeat the chorus… So yeah…” The woman giggled before she sang the song back to Chatoru, matching the notes perfectly. “Wow,” Chatoru was astonished, “you’re quite good at that.”

     “Well, it’s a good song,” the woman replied.

     “Then you’re familiar with my group?”

     “It’s God’s Divine, right?” she answered. “I may be a little off as we aren’t allowed a lot of music at my new school. So, I haven’t really heard anything new for a few months. You guys got a gig going on nearby?”

     “We’re playing a show tomorrow.”

     “Oh, that reminds me,” the woman spastically said. “What were you running from? Angry fans? Haters of the group?”

     “I’m guessing the guy is a skirt chaser,” Chatoru sighed. “I went a little too far on my own. He’s been following me for quite a bit now.”

     The woman began taking off her hoodie as she handed it off to Chatoru, “Here, so he won’t recognize you.”

     Chatoru quickly waved her hand as she said, “iya, iya, iya, genki…” Chatoru cleared her throat as she realized she was speaking Japanese again, “I’m good. I’m sure he’ll lose interest soon. I’ll probably end up in a wedgie before I get caught by him.”

     “Don’t underestimate a wedgie,” the woman chuckled. “Those can hurt. I’ll just get it back from you after the show tomorrow.”

     “Oh, you’re coming to the show?” Chatoru asked.

     The woman just shook her head, “I was just planning to be here all day tomorrow.”

     “I have an extra backstage pass,” Chatoru replied. “Would you like to come tomorrow?”

     The woman started to blush as she held out her hands, “No, I couldn’t. It’s fine.”

     “You sure?” Chatoru asked. “I don’t know of anyone in New York and I know I can bring one person backstage. Besides, you helped me out today.”

     The woman thought for a bit before answering, “Put the hoodie on and it will be a deal.”

     “Deal,” Chatoru said as she took the hoodie and put it on. “Oh, by the way,” Chatoru said as she pulled her hair out from the hoodie, “my name is Chatoru Yoshimitsu.”

     “My name is Tori,” the woman answered as she put her arm forward. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

     “Likewise,” Chatoru smiled as she shook hands with Tori.

     “Do you happen to have a place to stay for the night?” Tori asked, “If not, then I’m currently by myself in my apartment.”

     “Well, we’ve been sleeping in the tour bus for the last few days,” Chatoru chuckled. “It would be a great change than being packed with nine other people plus the how many roadies that are with us. I would just need to let my bandmates know.”

     “Ok,” Tori said as Chatoru pulled out her phone and started texting Satsune.

Hey, Sat-chan. I’ll just be away for the night. A kind woman assisted me earlier today and asked if I could stay the night. I’ll be giving her a pass as well, so I’ll meet up with you guys tomorrow. OK?

     Satsune quickly replied back.

That works, as long as you trust her, Chat-chan. If you’ll be out then I’ll be seeing about putting the moves on your brother &lt;3 Have a good night!

     Chatoru chuckled as she was about to message Joushi before a picture message was sent to her.

Hi, Chatoru. This is Emily, the interviewer from today. Joushi will be a little tied up tonight as she wanted this sent to you (not really, I just know of your guys’ secret, but I swear I won’t share this with anyone else) But I saw what you guys were doing after the practice today and thought this would be a special gift for you two!!!

     Chatoru couldn’t hold back her laughter as the picture was of Joushi being lifted off the ground by her embroidered blue bikini panties. Her arms and legs were tied up against her body while her blouse was unbuttoned revealing her matching babydoll as rope was wrapped around Joushi’s boobs before leading down into her panties and wrapping around her waist. Chatoru quickly saved the image before replying back.

Ok, thanks for the gift. And let her know I’ll be busy tonight. She’s free for whatever other things you have planned for her, Emily. Just don’t break her too bad lol

     Chatoru placed her phone back into her pocket before looking back at Tori. “Everything’s good. Should we get going?”

The End – EXTRA Episode 02: The Strange Life of the Musicians Workplace


Hello, one and all.

For those would haven't seen this on my DeviantArt profile, this is an entry for the Workplace Wedgie Contest that Hannsgutherson (aka wedgie from here) is holding. All the submissions are in, but the voting is still going on until June 28. Check out the link to view the 6 other stories for the contest:

And if you wish to follow me on DeviantArt then please check out my profile:

And with that, I hope you guys like this EXTRA Episode and I'll see you all next time (hopefully with it being the next chapter to Episode 08)
Videos / Re: Adventure Hunt Wedgies
« Last post by MyFavouriteThongs on June 26, 2017, 05:03:22 PM »
wedgies are confirmed today

might easily be my favorite one so far

Haha so naturally, since I posted this, her and her friend had the video on their Instagrams.  she deleted all of her videos for adventure and her friend has made her account private.  I just watched it to see what would happen.  sucks we cant have nice things.

thanks super vegeta, I think you got most everything for today.  many didn't have the word wedgie in it but if you looked for the right images or saw anything with the words oww or ouch that covered most of what I saw.
wait so was it saved?

It's in 'supervegeta' Dropbox link. The epic bikini wedgie!
Photos / Re: photoshops
« Last post by jaxiii on June 26, 2017, 04:54:52 PM »

True Stories / Re: An Older-ish Story
« Last post by yoyo14325 on June 25, 2017, 07:45:57 AM »
Didn't feel rushed at all! Sorry your friendship with her didn't end well. It happens. I had something similar happen to me. Not that the friendship was that great to begin with but that was the nail in the coffin.
Regardless, great story. would love to hear more.
Videos / Re: Adventure Hunt Wedgies
« Last post by chinesemexican44 on June 25, 2017, 07:25:56 AM »
wedgies are confirmed today

might easily be my favorite one so far

Haha so naturally, since I posted this, her and her friend had the video on their Instagrams.  she deleted all of her videos for adventure and her friend has made her account private.  I just watched it to see what would happen.  sucks we cant have nice things.

thanks super vegeta, I think you got most everything for today.  many didn't have the word wedgie in it but if you looked for the right images or saw anything with the words oww or ouch that covered most of what I saw.
wait so was it saved?
Videos / Re: Adventure Hunt Wedgies
« Last post by tibix on June 25, 2017, 05:45:15 AM »
Videos / Re: Adventure Hunt Wedgies
« Last post by jakhfd on June 24, 2017, 11:54:26 PM »
wedgies are confirmed today

might easily be my favorite one so far

Haha so naturally, since I posted this, her and her friend had the video on their Instagrams.  she deleted all of her videos for adventure and her friend has made her account private.  I just watched it to see what would happen.  sucks we cant have nice things.

thanks super vegeta, I think you got most everything for today.  many didn't have the word wedgie in it but if you looked for the right images or saw anything with the words oww or ouch that covered most of what I saw.
True Stories / An Older-ish Story
« Last post by arghimapirate on June 24, 2017, 08:33:42 PM »
It has been a while since there was a story added so i decided to share one of mine. This isn't the first time I have posted before. I have posted on the Wedgie Haven forum before it changed and I have been a lurker on here for a while as well. I am usually very paranoid about sharing stories, but I feel pretty ok with this one. The story I am about to share is about a friend I had wedgied.

So let me start off by saying that this girl and I weren't together. It was more of a friends with benefits thing. Which, honestly, I do regret since it ruined our friendship. But everything in this story was consensual and we are both of age. She 18, me 19. I must also say that if you have any questions please ask. But let us get started.

Let me start off by describing this girl. She had light brown hair and was roughly 5'5", maybe shorter. She had a wonderful ass, let me tell ya. Like, it was enough to fit into your hand and grab but not so much that you felt like you were grabbing a yoga ball. She was thicker, but not where it counted. But she was physically attractive. Her breasts were a bit too large and were a health concern of mine. But thats besides the point. Her boobs were definitely a D or DD. Now that you have an idea of what she looks like physically let us get started with the story.

From here on out we will reference her as Sam. Of course it is not her real name. But I don't see the reason to use her real name anyway even if she would never EVER see it. Plus, Sam is better than her real name. Without further digression we will get started. Her and I enjoyed talking about sexual encounters and what it would be like. How to please a person of the opposite sex and stuff like that. So we set aside a day where my parents were away where she could come over and we could experiment. Like I said earlier, we weren't dating so this was purely for pleasure and not to grow closer with each other. We were cuddling upstairs in my room In our underwear. She was wearing this gray camo-looking sports bra and a dark blue pair of boy shorts which she would complain about how they kept giving her wedgies. SO that got my mind turning. She started tugging on the waistband of my boxer-briefs as a subtle hint that she wanted to give me a hand job. I wasn't quite ready to go that far with her. But I decided to play dumb and say "Are you trying toi give me a  front wedgie?" she laughed and instantly defended herself by saying "Why would I do that?" and my mind instantly said 'Fuck It' and then grabbed the back of her waistband and pulled up. I didn't pull with a great amount of force. I didn't want to scare her away from wedgies. But I pulled hard enough to get a reaction. She made a squeaking sound and instantly tried to pull my hand away which made me pull a little harder. In response, she grabbed the front of my waistband and threatened to give me a frontal wedgie. Me being a guy and all, i didn't want to risk it. So i let go of her panties and offered to pick her wedgie. But she rolled over and showed me her bare ass and said "Look at what you have done to my undies. These were my favorites!" We both laughed about it but i apologized. She said it was ok. But again i played dumb and said "I found it kinda fun giving you a wedgie. I think it was more of a control thing than a fetish thing" (Lies). She believed me and said i could give her a wedgie but only if it was warranted.

Fast forward another month, and we were out for food. I had brought up that wedgie again and we started laughing. I told her that she had been pretty mean today (Just teasing her. It was just a ploy to wedgie her) She defended herself and I just said "The more you defy me the worse of a wedgie you're going to get. But i said it in a light-hearted and fun tone so it wasn't too serious. We pulled up to her house to say goodbye and i rested my hands on her lower back. As we were hugging i whispered in her ear "Is it ok if I uh-" and gave her a slight hint by slowly putting my fingers on the inside of her pants. She agreed. I wrapped my fingers around the thin waistband of her panties. I gave her panties a firm pull. But there was more and more and more fabric. It kept going. I finally raise the waistband to the bottom of her neck. I give it a few more firm tugs. I felt her tense up with each pull. She Said "ok ok, you can stop now." I had stopped pulling but her underwear was still in my fists. Her floral granny panties were still in my hands. She starts stuffing her underwear back into her jeans and complaining about how deep the wedgie was. She got to where my fists were and said "You can let go of my panties now." I finally let go and she laughed at me saying "I thought you were asking to grab my butt from under my pants. I didnt know you were going to wedgie me" I apologized and she kept laughing saying it was fine and that it was really funny, although painful. She did politely ask for me to never wedgie her again. Which I never did.

There ya go. One of my many wedgie stories. Im sorry if it seemed a bit rushed. Its a little late where I am and really wanted to share my story. Thank you for reading.
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