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General Jabbering / News / Myspace Videos
« Last post by Wahah on Today at 04:12:30 PM »
Does anybody know how to view myspace videos? They all seem to be completely broken for me. I've tried multiple different browsers, as well as reinstalling flash.
Art / Mercy Hanging Wedgie
« Last post by reb19 on Today at 10:34:25 AM »
Another picture I paid for, of Witch Mercy (Overwatch) stuck in a hanging wedgie off her own broomstick:

Just steadily getting pictures made of every single Overwatch girl getting a wedgie of sorts :P
Videos / Re: GaryT`s Customs
« Last post by Sherman Long on Today at 09:44:28 AM »
 :)God bless you sir
Videos / Re: Damn
« Last post by WedgieChamp on Today at 07:51:24 AM »
No they were all like that.

She didn't really wanna rip or stretch out her undies which I completely understand. She isn't a wedgie model like Roxie Rae so as you can expect she isn't exactly used to doing wedgies and isn't a pro on the subject.
Videos / Re: GaryT`s Customs
« Last post by GaryT on Today at 06:37:51 AM »
Videos / Re: Damn
« Last post by randomuserm on Today at 02:05:21 AM »
You guys can all tank me for her wedgies ;) . All of the links are from the 10 minute custom I ordered from her. She unfortunately doesn't want me to share the full video

Were the wedgies in the full video actually hard?

Thinking about ordering a custom w/ her
Glad you are doing part of this. Couldn't think of anyone still active that would be better. If you would like to collaborate, I would personally love to help.
General Jabbering / News / Re: NEW RULE and an announcement
« Last post by Lucky on October 18, 2017, 07:55:07 PM »
That thread was the straw that broke the camels back, BUT it's been a long time coming. No one's comments had anything to do with it. I finally just had the time.
I should have responded sooner but you can count me in. I'm also quite honoured to be included in this. As you may know I'm always trying to find cool projects to work on in this community. And this seems like a great one.

If we don't want to spam the board with comments and thoughts I can also set up a google doc and share it with people who want to edit via email, while also providing a view-only link for those who just want to read it. Or we can figure out some other way to plan this.

I love Halloween parties as a setting and a few stories I've started have had that as the backdrop. They could be older, late twenties and at a party where some of their old bullies appear. Or they could be 18-19 like in the original series (as I remember they were actually underage in some early parts of the stories weren't they? Someone want to remind me if there ages were ever stated? Rules dictate they have to be 18 and up. Even if those weren't the rules I wouldn't write them younger). And it's a popular setting in some other wedgie stories. So I'd say that's a good idea. It's, as I like to say, simple but effective. Girls dress up in (I assume, in sexier costumes (like we see in AntiCherry's Alternative Punishment for example) and wedgies ensue. There's a brutality to PPuller's work which would be interesting to try to emulate and do justice to.

I already have one more psychologically real idea in regards to a younger sister of Fat Fran for example who decides she's going to pick on one of the teachers. However actually giving a wedgie to a teacher requires a bit more of a suspension of disbelief then I'm usually comfortable with. But in a way the stories were never particularly realistic (the cops weren't called on the girls who brutally tortured them, as I remember. So perhaps I'll have to rethink my concerns).

So of those two ideas I'd probably have to say I'm leaning more toward Halloween party. It's fitting for the time and if we can get something out before Halloween that would be awesome (although perhaps not doable).

Thanks bwalsh for keeping this alive and for starting us off with some excellent ideas. And thanks for everyone else who weighed in. Maybe we can get some older writers out of retirement for this.

 If you're looking for a writer to command and give you a story, you now have me. Let's talk more about this, send me a PM here or I guess we can post more here. Let me know if you want me to start a google doc. Or if someone else does, and wants to share it, I'll go along with anything.

(Also, I could ask different writers if they'd like to get in on this as well if there are others who you think might be persuaded by a direct ask, something I've found to be true in my experience. In other words let me know what I can do. And in the meantime I'm going to start rereading "Polly and Jane").
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